Friday, 17 April 2009

Baraka Community Partnerships

A Baraka sponsored school in Morocco

So, what is Baraka Community Partnerships and what are we all about?

Well, Baraka Community Parternships is a small (very small!) charity involved with three projects: tow in Zambia and one in Morocco. We concentrate our focus in the fields of education, medication and the environment and aim to work with and alongside communities in determining what their needs and goals are and how we can help acheive them.

We have done quite a few things so far such as helping renovate schools, providing cleaner water and medical care, initiating energy saving schemes, tree planting, providing educational, sporting and clothes supplies, building toilet blocks and more. We have many more aspirations but want to make sure everything we do is done at the right time and the right pace and, thus, not to upset the status quo in the communities where we work.

So there’s a little info on what we are all about. Watch this space for some updates here and there, or check out our website at

Andy Mckee
Baraka Community Partnerships Project Coordinator